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At Murphy USA, we believe the most important mile is the one you’re on.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our dedication to community is a hallmark of our company. To us, corporate social responsibility means that we live where you do and we invest in supporting the communities where we do business — whether it’s education, sports, charitable giving, or fuel conservation.

Murphy USA pays its employees for up to eight hours of community volunteer work to support the causes they’re passionate about. This is just one of the ways we support giving back to the communities where we conduct business.

Murphy USA Emergency Response Team

There is always uncertainty when a natural disaster such as a tornado, ice storm or hurricane strikes — and with that also comes a shortage of basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, shelter, and gasoline.

Murphy USA bands together with the community whenever a natural disaster strikes in the areas where we do business. In these difficult situations, our motto is “last to close, first to open” — and we are fully committed to both disaster prep and disaster relief.

At Murphy USA, we consider ourselves part of the community, and when natural disasters strike, we’re there to help before and after the storm. We understand how critical our products become in times of crisis — and the immediate needs of the public become our top priority in those situations. We have delivered truckloads of water, ice, and more to affected disaster areas in the past, often providing these items to the community for free or low cost.

It’s also our policy to freeze our gas prices in communities that have been declared a disaster — giving you one less thing to worry about in times of crisis. You’ll find important updates here from our emergency response team, including information about which of our stores are open and store hours.

For more about our Emergency Response Team, or for information on how to get involved contact Ryan Locey.

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