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At Murphy USA, we believe the most important mile is the one you’re on.

Fuel America

We are a proud Arkansas-based American company that cares deeply about our energy security for today and tomorrow, and we know how record-level gas prices strain family budgets all across the country.

We are dedicated to bringing communities the highest quality fuels at low prices. Our high-volume, low-cost operation has become synonymous with “Low Prices” and “Friendly Service.” We understand that high energy prices can harm family budgets. Murphy USA provides Fuel-America as an opportunity for consumers to get engaged in the debates surrounding energy policy. Please use www.Fuel-America.com as an ongoing resource to learn more and to communicate about how important energy issues affect you and your family.

Energy costs and jobs remain two of the most critical issues facing America today. Politicians in Washington are considering policies that could raise the cost of energy, put American jobs at risk, and increase dependence on foreign oil. Other issues we currently face include Increasing Energy Taxes, Rising Oil and Gasoline Prices, Swipe Fees, and Federal Regulation.

We need your help! Click here to stay informed about new congressional activities and their impact on you as a consumer. When needed, we may call on you to write to Congress. Be sure to learn more about what you can do to help keep energy prices low, visit www.Fuel-America.com.

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