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Quality Fuels

Murphy USA was founded on the promise of delivering quality that’s second to none, and that’s evident in the fuel you put in your car or use for your fleet every day. We go beyond industry regulations to make sure our gas is the best — from strict quality and safety standards to technology that lets you fill up faster. It’s all part of our commitment to you to bring you the best gas at a great price with the friendliest service.

All Murphy USA gasoline and diesel products meet or exceed government regulations and go through rigorous inspections before they are loaded onto carrier trucks. Our top technology allows us to monitor the quality of our fuels 24/7.

Our cleaning agents help prevent carbon buildup so your car can deliver top performance. We also filter our gasoline before it ends up in your tank. Each of our fuel pumps contains a filter that acts as an additional barrier to prevent contaminants from entering your vehicle. These filters are inspected regularly to ensure they are in top condition – to make sure you get the highest quality gas with the fastest possible flow every time you fill up.

We also take proper steps to ensure safety at every Murphy USA station across the country, including:

  • Regular inspections by state and local government regulatory agencies
  • Independent tests by outside organizations
  • 24-hour Corporate Support Center with trained service agents
  • Regular pump maintenance performed by ASC-certified firms
  • Ongoing physical equipment and product inspection performed by onsite store personnel
  • “Breakaway” hoses at the pump (just in case drivers forget to put the nozzle away after fueling)
  • 24-hour electronic monitoring of gas storage tanks at each of our locations

Murphy USA gasoline and diesel fuel also comes with a 100% guarantee. We’re committed to top quality gas – and to doing whatever we can to make sure that only the best quality gas ends up in your fuel tank. For more information on our Murphy USA Fuel Quality Guarantee, contact us online or call us Murphy USA Customer Service at 800-843-4298.

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